Music For The Mind Campaign


Kyshona 600x400 Photo

Kyshona is a Nashville-based musician, songwriter, guitarist, and clinical music therapist who began her artist journey after finding her desire to give a voice to those who have been silenced. With a decade-plus performance career under her belt, Kyshona’s most recent album, “Listen” has amassed critical and audience acclaim thanks to her music’s ability to…

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Mike Doussan

Mike Doussan Featured Image

Mike Doussan, New Orleans-based songwriter, guitarist, and co-founder of the BTD Foundation, is a true embodiment of the phrase ‘Music for the Mind.’ Picking up the guitar at only 8 years old, Mike broke into the New Orleans music scene in 2004, first as sideman in such acts as Mike Hood and the Frenchmen St.…

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Struggle Jennings

Mftm Struggle Jennings Featured

Struggle Jennings is a Nashville-born rapper, writer, performer, and independent label owner whose music draws inspiration from hip-hop, rock, and country traditions, as well as from his grandfather’s (Waylon Jennings) 1970’s personification of the ‘Outlaw’ country sound. A cohort of Yelawolf, Struggle debuted his first record, “I Am Struggle,” in 2013, and has continued to…

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John Tucker

John Tucker Featured

John Tucker is a Nashville-based, Ohio-bred published songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and dynamic performer. Though his official industry career is only a few years old, John has built his life around musical expression, and it shows. In addition to co-writing some of the most noteworthy new music to come out of the Nashville pop/R&B scene, John’s debut…

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Ron Pope

Ron Pope Featured

Ron Pope is a Nashville-based artist with a prolific career as a songwriter, performer, and multi-instrumental recording artist, the majority of which has occurred while retaining independence from any label support. After his 2007 internet release of the single “Drop in the Ocean” became a viral hit, Pope’s music career flourished, but not without a…

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Kristin Diable

Kristin Diable Featured

Kristin Diable is a New Orleans-based, internationally-acclaimed songwriter and multi- instrumentalist with a decade-plus career captivating audiences with her inviting, soul-baring performances. Kristin’s ability to get right to the soul of the song has firmly established her as a mainstay in her home-state of Louisiana, and her music spans multiple stylistic genre choices to encompass…

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Liz Longley

Liz Longley Featured

Liz Longley is a Nashville-based, East Coast-bred musician with a penchant for lending her nuanced, genre-bending vocal, piano, and guitar playing talents to illustrate her inventive, pop-inspired original music. With a career spanning well over a decade, Liz’s songwriting talents have been recognized by such noteworthy institutions as the BMI John Lennon Songwriting Scholarship (for…

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Spirit McIntyre

Spirit Mcintyre Btdf Music For The Mind Spotlight May 2020 Featured

Spirit McIntyre is a New Orleans-based cellist, vocalist, songwriter, wellness advocate and sound healer, who has used their gender identity, musicianship, empowerment practices and healing work to uplift minority, LGBTQ, and women-focused communities for over a decade. Spirit is also one-half of musical duo Spirit & Sparrow, which features multi-talented musician, and BTD Music for…

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Quiana Lynell

Quiana Lynell Featured Image

Quiana Lynell is a New Orleans-based, Texas-bred jazz-and-beyond artist with exceptional talents as a vocalist, educator, composer, performer, arranger, and advocate. In addition to garnering recognition through such achievements as the Sarah Vaughn International Jazz Vocal Competition Award, an album release through Concord Jazz, and numerous high-profile international performances, Quiana is a champion for mental…

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People Museum

People Museum Featured

People Museum are a New Orleans-based alternate pop group formed in the Treme neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana. The band’s affinity for pop production, traditional New Orleans music, and unique experiences in the south have formed a novel interpretation of music not typically heard in the New Orleans idiom, and it shows. The creators of…

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