The mission of the Brett Thomas Doussan Foundation Nonprofit Corporation is to raise mental health awareness by means of advocacy, education, and music. Through our endeavors in the Greater New Orleans area and across the Gulf South, we hope to keep the legacy of our beloved friend, Brett Thomas Doussan, alive in the community that fostered his deep passion and appreciation for music.


Brett's StoryThere is an abundance of words to describe Brett Thomas Doussan, but loving and lovable are the two that encompass his character best. Brett had a lot of love to share. He loved his music, his city, and especially his family and very large circle of friends. He was always smiling and ready to offer a word of encouragement. He was truly the life of the party who never met a stranger. He had an advanced degree, a good job and promising future. Yet, he was suffering, and none of us were aware of this.


In February 2014 we lost Brett to suicide. He was 26 years old.

At the funeral service, one of Brett's friends gave me a note with a Chris Risati quotation scribbled on it that read, "If you don't impact someone, then this is a waste." Those words stayed in the back of my mind as I was going through the grief of losing my son to suicide, a suicide for which there are no answers. I could not bear the thought of his wonderful life being a waste.

As the months passed after his suicide, I spoke with my family and friends as well as several of Brett's close friends. I wanted us to do something to keep Brett's legacy alive. I needed a positive impact to stem from this horrible tragedy. A small group of us got together and formed the Brett Thomas Doussan Foundation with the intent of providing support for those who are affected by mental illness.

We look forward to extending our outreach to help raise awareness of mental illness resources and invite you to join us. Together we can make a difference.



We are always looking to answer questions and help people get involved. Whether you want to volunteer or learn how you can help someone you know, we want to hear from you.

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